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17 Prapulla S B, Sharath Bhat and Shobha G. Framework for Detecting Metamorphic Malware based on Opcode Feature Extraction
03 Mohit Saini and Lijo V.P. A review on limitation and comparison of sentiment analysis on Twitter and Facebook
09 Bhanuprakash P and Nagaraja G S A Review on Churn Prediction Modeling in Telecom Environment
19,20 Shruthi Deepak Automate event management by subscription technique for robot
27 Kalyan Nagaraj, Amulyashree Sridhar and Sharvani G S Identification of network communities and assessment of privacy using hybrid algorithm
36 Amruta Kulkarni, Deepa Kalburgi and Poonam Ghuli Design of Predictive Model for Healthcare Assistance Using Voice Recognition
46 Susan Thomas, Gayathri I. K. and Aiswariya Raj Joint Design of Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Routing and Sleep-Wake Scheduling In Wireless Sensor Networks
63 Chitra Rajarama, Jagadeesha S. N. and Yerri Swamy T, End to End Route Anonymity in a Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network
38 Rajashree Shettar,Samrudh K and Satyam Thusu Urban Traffic Density Decongestion using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Techniques
23 Sampath Shanmugam, Vaishak R Vellore and Sarasvathi V, VRNav: A Framework for Navigation and Object Interaction in Virtual Reality
26 Gururaj Bellutagi and Priya D Indoor Navigation using QR code, Pedometer and IBeacon.
4 Vishwaraj Singh Chauhan and Asst. Prof. Lijo V.P., Review of Sentiment Analysis in Big Data Era
50 Vaishnavi K.R, Bhargavi K, Vadla Sai Supriya, Vidya K.S and Soumya,,,, Diagnostic Analysis of Breast Cancer in non-cancer history patients using Fuzzy Mapreduce Framework
58 Navya R, Rashmi R,Kavya Darshana M and Ganesh Shankar, A Predictive Model for Analyzing Electric Consumption Patterns in Solar Photo Voltaic Micro Grid
1 Mukesh Pandey, Rajendra Bharti and Ashutosh Bhatt,, A Study of Color Enhancement Techniques for Input Images
16 Arun Nageswar Usage based auto insurance using Machine Learning
25 Shoeb Ahmed and Merin Meleet Smart Helmet for Accident Detection and Notification
40 Sheena Nanda, Anju Bala and Sharad Saxena,, Evaluation of Feature Selection Techniques for Software Maintenance Prediction
22 Sukeerthi G, Sindhu R and Rakesh Kr Detection of Micro Aneurysm in Fundus Images for the monitoring of Diabetic Retinopathy
29 Gangambika R G and Badarla Sri Pavan PSO and OLSR based Protocols for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
54 Karthikayini T and Srinath N.K Comparative polarity analysis on Amazon product reviews using existing machine learning algorithms
61 Sajid Ahmed, Asif Mahbub, Farshid Rayhan, Md. Rafsan Jani, Swakkhar Shatabda and Dewan Farid Hybrid Methods for Class Imbalance Learning Employing Bagging with Sampling Techniques
68 Keerthi Prasad, Vinay Hegde, Asha Kathigi and Krishnappa H K Handwriting Recognition System for South Indian Languages – A Technical Review
69 Hemavathi J, T Satish Kumar and Krishna R Prasad Knee Vibratography: Arthritis Diagnosis through Non-Invasive Cloud based Artificial Intelligence
72 Tushar Kanakagiri,Suraj Manjesh, Vaishak P, Vivek Chettiar and Shobha G Clickbait Pattern Detection and Classification of News Headlines using Natural Language Processing
56 U.K. Madhura, P. Akshay, Akshay J Bhattad and G.S. Nagaraja Soil Quality Management using Wireless Sensor Network
78 Vivek Francis Pinto Combiner to Reduce the Time of Processing in Trend Analysis using Hadoop’s MapReduce Framework
81 K Kavikuil, D Radha and R Keerthi, Centrality measures to analyse transport network for congestion free shipment.
7 Ashutosh Anand, Loyel Robin Nazareth, Shashank K, Venkatesh Prasad N S and Anjan K Koundinya,,,, Analysis and Implementation of Recommender System in E-Commerce/td>
11 Rashmi S and Dr Anirban Basu Q Learning Based Workflow Scheduling in Hadoop
39 Farshid Rayhan, Sajid Ahmed, Asif Mahbub, Md. Rafsan Jani, Swakkhar Shatabda and Dewan Farid,,, CUSBoost: Cluster-based Under-sampling with Boosting for Imbalanced Classification
73 Ranganatha S and, Y P Gowramma An Integrated Robust Approach for Fast Face Tracking in Noisy Real-World Videos with Visual Constraints
85 Ashwitha T A, Anisha P Rodrigues and Dr Niranjan N Chiplunkar Movie Dataset Analysis using Hadoop-Hive
76 Patience Usip, Udoinyang Inyang, Daniel Asuquo and Enobong Umoren An Evaluation Model for a Probability Weighted Ontology of Temporal Complexities
91 Radha D and Shantanu Kulkarni, A Social Network Analysis on World Cities Network
21 Nanda Kishora Holla and Siva Yellampalli Mutifunctional HD receivers for smart homes
47 Niharika Kumar Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Messages: Demonetization a Use Cases
60 Krishna Murthy, Ashok Kumar P S, Noor Basha and Punith Palagi Implication of Restful web services in Bigdata Analytics
92 Sesha Kalyur and Nagaraja G.S AIDE: An Interactive Environment for Program Transformation
51 Srivats Raghavan, Vignesh Loganathan, Vinod Rathod and Dr. Sharvani G S,, Cloud Enabled Water Contamination Detection System
52 R Monashree and Dr.Shobha G, Globalization of Software Products – A Survey on UI Quality Assurance Automation Tool
57 Vadiraja A, Vinay V Hegde, Manoj Kumar M and Anjan K IoT (Internet of Things) Based Efficiency Monitoring System for Bio-Gas Plants
55 Krishna C S and Nalini Sampath Healthcare monitoring system based on IoT
66,67 Aaruni Goel and Dr. Ashok Vasishtha The Implementation of Rule based Early Warning System in Snort through Email
70 Sampath R Kumar, Satish T Kumar, Nagaraja K M and Geetha G Application of different filters for noise removal in digital images
71 Vimala Devi J and K.S Kavitha Fraud Detection in Credit Card Transactions by Using Classification Algorithms
89 Ashwini B, Yuvaraju B.N, Aditya Yogish Pai and Aditya Baliga B. Real Time Detection and Classification of Vehicles and Pedestrians Using Haar Cascade Classifier with Background Subtraction
93 Sesha Kalyur and Nagaraja Gs Concerto: A Program Parallelization, Orchestration and Distribution Infrastructure
94 Megha G C and Srivani P Monitoring Environment Parameters of Gerbera Flower Cultivation in Greenhouse Using Internet of Things
98 Venkateshwar Amingad and Venkanagouda C Patil A Decentralized Multi Competitive Clustering In Wireless Sensor Networks for the Precision Agriculture
99 Sowmya Lakshmi B S and Shambhavi B R An Automatic Language Identification system for code-mixed English-Kannada Social Media Text
102 Reema Aswani, S.P. Ghrera, Satish Chandra and Arpan Kar, Identifying popular online news: An approach using chaotic cuckoo search algorithm
104 Sudhendra Nayak, Ashutosh Jha and Naveen Kumar Veerabhadrappa, An architecture for performing real time integrated health monitoring of aircraft systems using Avionics big data
107 Venkatesh Naik and Rajkumar Sreedharan, An analytical solution for integrated security system
100 Sandeep Kolli and Sasikala T Prognostication of Students Performance and Suggesting Suitable Learning Style for Under Performing Students
14 Ramu Halemani and Neethu S LED De-flickering for ADAS application
24 Sandeep Seetaram Naik and Dr. Vetrivelan P Internet of things based multiple parameter measurement device
31 Apeksha Haveri and Suresh Yeresime Software Fault Prediction using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
97 Bharat Rahuldhev Patil, Minal Moharir, Shobha G, Pratik Kumar Mohanty and Sajeev S, Ostinato - A powerful traffic generator
103 Surabhi Kakade and Parutagouda Khangoudar Performance Analysis of OLSR to consider link quality of OLSR-ETX/MD/ML in Wireless Mesh Networks
83 Anisha Rodrigues, Archana Rao and Dr. Niranjan N Chiplunkar Sentiment Analysis of Real Time Twitter data using Big data Approach
110 V Anand Analyzing the Effectiveness of Adjuvant Therapy for Colon Cancer using R Language
62 D Radha and P.T. Nithia, A Case Study on Social Network Analysis: Thesaurus Book
114 Mahesh Kalmeshwar and Dr.Nandini Prasad Ks, Development of On-Board Diagnostics for Car and it's Integration with Android Mobile
113 Pratik Mohapatra and Anjan K Ambulance Hub: A Cloud Based Solution For Ambulance Services
116 Chellaswamy C, Pragadeesh Kumar, Rahul C and Santhanaraman S IoT Based Rail Track Joints Monitoring System using Cloud Computing Technology
115 Akash Pardhi and Prof Manjusha Tatiya Highly secured cryptographic encryption based on DNA structure with secure image Steganography using DNA vectors and Salting and pepper method
121 Ashline George Robot for Alive Human Detection
122 Amit Bhadana and Manoj Singh Fusion of K-means algorithm with Dunn’s index for improved clustering
123 Niranjan Kumar,Dr Sneha Y S, Dr Jitendranath Mungara and Raghavendra Prasad SG A Survey on Data Mining Methods Available for Recommendation System
126 Neelamegam Chandirakasan,Peggy Siamisang,Rajiv Kumar and Sreekumar Narayanan, Integration of ICT in Curriculum - A Case Study of Botswana Junior Secondary Schools